Ramblings: Social Media Automation

Ramblings: Social Media Automation / Market Avenue LtdAuto-following, automatic keyword following and automatic direct messages when you receive a new follower … you know, I just don’t like these applications!

The umbrella sphere that we call social media is about being social. It’s about building relationships, engaging proactively and adding value and relevance to your connections. And that goes for all social networking platforms that form part of your strategy. Isn’t it?

These tools mainly operate to enhance the Twitter platform and usually have a cost implication.

Yes, they can provide a critical mass in a relatively short space of time yet how much value do you really gain? I can understand a pure e-commerce business using this as a strategy, based on product keywords, to increase awareness within their marketplace and connect with interested parties but with the majority of users I see, this simply isn’t what they are offering.

Call me old fashioned, and I lean towards a customer-centric, relationship-focused strategy when it comes to marketing your business, but I just see these tools as connecting the wrong type of user and a dirty quick fix way of gaining a shallow base of connections. These users tend to be purely sales orientated and are using social media channels as a ‘push marketing tactic’ to force products and services onto other users.

This has started to annoy me so much that I’m extremely choosy in who I connect with. I’d rather spend time with genuine, interesting people and products and services that have some element of mutual potential. I do not want to be sold to, spammed to and be another number in someone’s virtual ego. As an example, and something that happened to me the other day … why would a car mechanic in Australia want to connect with 2000 people in the UK? They never reported global expansion.

I know many people will disagree with me and I welcome any comments from a similar or critical viewpoint; it was just brewing and I needed to rant a little!

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