Facebook is changing its algorithm

Reaching out: How to maintain online visibility after Facebook’s algorithm changes

Facebook is changing but what exactly will that mean for your business?

There is no doubting the success of the social media platform, which boasts more than 2 billion active global users.

Its success and global reach has to date been enjoyed by businesses and media, which have used this to boost their own online profiles.

However, that free promotion party looks like it is about to end. While maintaining a commitment to remain free for users, it looks as though commercial reach could come at a price in future.

Organic reach

In a bid to ‘fix’ Facebook, content from friends and family will be prioritised over that of brands and organisations to foster better engagement and improve the online community.

These changes could seriously affect a company’s ability to reach potential customers unless they revise their approach to online visibility.

Content that encourages comments will be prioritised – but not engagement bait that asks for likes and comments. Live video will also continue to be favoured, again for the engagement it brings.

While how the changes will pan out remains to be seen, it will certainly make using Facebook to promote a business a more finely-tuned balancing act. Fewer posts with better quality, relevant content would be the first suggestion.

Posting live video is another way to promote reach but this is not for everyone and does not always lend itself to different types of businesses.

Facebook advertising

Facebook changes will no doubt reduce reachThen, of course, there is Facebook advertising – this is a sure-fire means to improve your brand’s visibility on Facebook. Paying to advertise on the platform will allow brands to target and continue to reach their ideal demographic.

Yet with organic reach under threat, the introduction of these changes is a good time to take stock about how much your company relies on Facebook. Its ability to help brands reach customers certainly cannot be taken for granted.

While Facebook still accounts for more than 25 per cent of website referrals it still needs to be part of a marketing strategy but for the moment the message is less is more – as long as it is quality.

Website content

Google meanwhile is stretching its reach and, as such, maintaining a solid ranking is more important than ever. This means taking care of your website. Regular updates, excellent content and ease of use will help to protect visibility.

Making the most of Google’s promotional tools such as reviews, maps and YouTube will compliment this.

By making changes to improve your existing website, posting fewer but higher quality posts and considering new promotional approaches you can help to protect your brand from losing traction in the online marketplace.

While the changes and challenges Facebook’s algorithm change bring to brand engagement may set alarm bells ringing, in the end it is about improving the online community.

Better quality communication is better for everyone. Clickbait, spam and fake news can undermine and undercut brands that stand for quality.

Tackling this will help deserving brands develop a better relationship with loyal customers and bring a higher level of quality and integrity to online communication.

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