On-Demand Copywriting Modules

Self-study copywriting video modules to fine-tune your skill

Make your copy more persuasive, using storytelling techniques and convert your ideal clients.

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"Very informative, not brain overload ... clear, precise and easy to listen throughout. Many great tips."
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‘Do It Yourself’

On-Demand Video

Copywriting Modules

Need great copy but a bit strapped for cash?

You’re happy to write your own copy but want a bit of guidance to quash the doubts.

Paying out for sales and marketing support is a nice-to-have but you’re not quite there yet. Done-for-you copy that speaks your customer’s language is what you need right now. Copy that hits up Google and is visible to the search engines is on your agenda.

You also know that new customer leads have never grown on trees on that great copy is that metaphorical tree!

So what’s the solution?

Market Avenue Limited’s on-demand copywriting modules offer the best of both worlds – video copywriting tutorials, and electronic workbooks with proven copy formula templates. And they’re all available immediately.

Learn the basics of writing great sales copy and crafting engaging content that you can implement today.

Without the ‘do it for me’ price tag.

‘Do It Yourself’ 

Self-Study Copywriting Downloads

Happy to write your own copy but want a bit of guidance?

You’re great at writing but feel something is amiss.

Are you unsure if your website copy sells itself to your ideal customer? Are you convinced that your content adds value and is building an engaged audience? Or are you dubious that your words are not optimised for the search engines?

Doubts are common when it comes to writing great copy but that’s usually because there is uncertainty about objectives, ideal clients and your proposition.

Following the easy to implement guidance in our step-by-step on-demand video modules will clarify uncertainty and dispel any doubts.


  • Understand how to write compelling copy that engages your ideal clients
  • Learn how to use the voice of your customer to address pains and desires
  • Craft succinct messages that convey your value and unique proposition
  • Gain more enquires and sales from your online and offline copy
  • Discover why storytelling is the way to convert your clients
  • Find out what your competitors are doing and beat them at every stage!
Polish whatever you need to and speak your customer’s language.
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"I learn by doing things, trying them out, or writing them down. I do now have a list of things I need to do following this course!"
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Business Owner

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"If you want to write your own posts, blogs and articles, then I would highly recommend [these modules]. You will understand how to focus your content at your ideal audience, addressing their actual needs and wants, and providing solutions to the barriers preventing them from working with you."
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‘Interactive Learning’ Rich, Resourceful Digital Copywriting Modules

Why electronic PDF playbooks and swipe files don’t work

Have you considered that you may be learning in a way that doesn’t suit your preferences?

People learn in different ways.

Does the thought of staring onscreen at a 100-page electronic booklet, or sitting down with a printed version, fill you with dread?

Have you downloaded many playbooks and swipe files but never completed them or find yourself even more confused?

The answer to this problem is that the format simply doesn’t match your learning style.

If you’re an audio or visual (or both) learner then video modules will embed your learning quicker and at a deeper level.

Simply written workbooks with easy-to-understand templates complement an audio-visual training video.

Develop your winning formula by putting proven techniques into practise by learning in a way that suits you.

Who Are The On-Demand Copywriting Modules For?

✔️ You are in charge of creating content for your own business or the company you work for.

✔️ You already write copy and are familiar with marketing strategies.

✔️ You wouldn't call yourself a beginner and are always looking to learn new skills.

Check, check and check?

Then these modules are designed for you.

Improve your writing technique and learn how to specifically target ideal clients and use proven conversion formulas.