National Days – July 2018

National Days - July 2018

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Struggling to concentrate and come up with content ideas? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! With all these heatwaves, comes July. The second half of the year and the month the kids break up from school for the summer holidays!

Do you pay attention to National Days? There are plenty of sources online to find out which National Days are when. Do be aware that a lot of National Days move slightly each year so if something is on the first of the month this year; it may not necessarily be on the same date next year. Also be aware that lots of National Days are American, so may not be suitable.

Round-up of July 2018:

  • The season is Summer
  • There are 31 days in July
  • Lots of music festivals in the calendar
  • Independent Retailer Month
  • The World Cup ends on 15th July
  • One of our favourites – World Emoji Day is 17th July 🤩

What is a National Day?

When first started, it was a designated date for celebrations for a particular nation or country. Nowadays you may already be aware that there are a lot of National Days out there, some serious with a lot of history behind them, and some more light-hearted and fun.

What’s the point of National Days?

Selecting a handful of National Days to use each month can be really beneficial to your business, which is why at Market Avenue Ltd, we use them. Whether as a base to write a blog, as extra content across social media platforms or to promote services, offers or events, make sure you know the big ones on the calendar and pick some specific ones that tie in with the type of business you have.

Where to start…

We’ve put together a handy guide for you to use, so you don’t have to spend lots of time scrolling through the internet. Click here to download National Days for July 2018.

Which National Days are you most looking forward to this month and what do you have planned for July? Can you tie-in one of these National Days to an offer or promotion? We’d love to hear what you get up to.

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