IGTV – new Instagram app

IGTV - the new Instagram app

Have you been on to Instagram recently and noticed a little TV icon at the top of the page? Have you clicked to see what it is? For those of you whose answer is no, we’ve written this blog to explain all about IGTV – the new Instagram app…

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What is IGTV?

Instagram has launched its own video-based app to celebrate reaching one billion users, and its name is Instagram TV (IGTV for short).

How is IGTV different from normal TV or video?

IGTV allows you to upload videos and get instant content from your favourite Instagrammers, stressing these three features:

1. Built for full-screen vertical videos, so it’s made to watch on mobile, with no wasted space

2. Presents the highest quality content, up to an hour long!

3. Super simple to use

Who can use it?

Celebrities and influencers are already on-board with IGTV, but anyone can use it, whether it’s from your business or personal profile.

How does it work?

To use IGTV, you just need an Instagram account. If you open the app, you should see the IGTV icon at the top of your screen, which you click in to. Just like turning on the TV, IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app.

When you’re in, you’ll see the following options:

• Search IGTV – simply type in what you’d like to see

• Settings symbol – this is where you create your own channel in a few simple steps. Once you have done this you will see a circle with your profile picture instead

• For You – recommended videos for you

• Following – videos of people you follow

• Popular – popular videos you may want to watch

• Continue Watching – videos you hadn’t finished watching will be saved here for future viewing

Whilst watching videos, you can also like, comment and send to friends.

 IGTV screenshot

How do I add my first video?

As with TV, IGTV has channels. But in IGTV, the creators are the channels. First of all click here to find out how to create a channel on IGTV, and then click here to find out how to upload a video to IGTV.

You can watch Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, introducing IGTV on live Instagram.

Kevin Systrom, introducing IGTV on live Instagram

Who can see my videos?

Who sees your videos depends on your privacy settings. If your account is set to private, only followers will be allowed to watch your videos on IGTV. If your account is set to public, anyone on Instagram can watch them.

Can I get insights?

You may already know that Instagram has its own analytics, called ‘insights’. These are only accessible to businesses or accounts with high levels of engagement. If you already have access to Insights then yes you will be able to get this for IGTV too! Once you upload a video, you can see insights such as comments, likes, view count, average percent of video watched, and an audience retention graph. Find out how here.

On Instagram people are watching 60% more video in just the last year. Instagram has one of the largest and most engaged audiences in the world. How and what we watch is changing. Will you be trying IGTV? Follow us (@marketavenueltd) and keep an eye on our Instagram account to see what we get up to!

IGTV is available on both Android and IOS.

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