Content Ideas; Twitter Polls, RT or Like, Fill in the Blank

Welcome to the third Content Ideas blog, this month focusing on encouraging engagement.

Asking questions on social media is a great way to entice followers, friends, and connections to engage with your content. Here are a few different ways you can phrase them;

Twitter Polls

Twitter polls are an easy way for people to share their opinion, so depending on which question you ask, you can receive credible feedback from potential and current clients.

Here’s a quick example;

RT or Like/This or That

By encouraging your followers to pick one option or another is a fantastic way to increase engagement. It’s something that a follower can action easily (at the touch of a button) and can again, also provide you with some feedback on your industry or business (depending on what is asked). It may also inspire their competitive instincts to know they share their opinion with the majority.

For example;

Fill in the Blank

Similar to the above, a ‘Fill in the Blank’ post encourages your followers to complete a sentence, which in turn increases engagement.

Here’s how we use them;

Feel free to give us some feedback on how your own attempts to increase engagement organically have worked. Even if they haven’t encouraged much discussion, at least your timeline will be looking fresh with unique content!

Keep an eye out for our next Content Ideas Blog, and if you’d like to know more about any of the ideas discussed above or how we can help you implement them, give us a call on 01543 897121.

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