5 Tips for Networking

Networking / Market Avenue Ltd1. Question customers already using the product or service. Demo machinery, Products, Talk to operators.

Always try and question customers who are already using the products or service. They are already advocates of your business because they have purchased from you in the past and they have a positive reason for making this decision. Think about giving a demonstration of machinery or products if you have time and talk to the operators to gain a different viewpoint.

2. 50 to 100 words, when starts to flag divide into segments. Include personnel who deal with customers.

When writing always try to keep it between 50 – 100 words, if it looks to long divide it, and include quotes from people who deal with customers.

3. Mind mapping – Subject, 4 main header sections, and additional points. Look at trends and similarities.

Always plan what you are going to write first, mind-mapping is always good as you can write down the different ideas you have and how you can take them.

4. Have existing literature present and methods of selling.

Having existing literature allows you to take ideas from documents already written, this also allows you to see what has already been covered.

5. Write stories/scenarios about potential customers. What are their challenges, problems? Different types of people within the same segments. Readers, who are they and what is their level of understanding?

Writing stories about potential customers allows you to start building relationships with those customers, which then can lead to more people using your product/service.

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