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Strategic Social Media

The ‘social media’ space is continually diversifying, which is why a strategic approach to social media marketing is critical to avoid wasting time, money and to ensure a positive reputation is maintained.

Strategic social media marketing | Market Avenue Limited imageFumbling and bumbling with social media is not uncommon

As a personal user, you will have your favourite platform/s to use for business and for social purposes. But as a business, it can be all too easy to feel lost and almost consumed by the need to set up multiple profiles and without a focused strategy, content can easily be forgotten as scattergun tactics fail to hit the mark.

It’s not about the platform, it’s about the people. And those people are your target audience who, to put it bluntly, pay the bills.

Your social media strategy needs continuity that addresses long-term business goals. Developing appropriate and intriguing content takes time. By following a structured blueprint your business can develop a unique voice that connects with your customers and tells social stories that add real value.

What return on investment do you gain from social media?

The social media environment offers an abundance of information that its users will collect and share, and use to make informed decisions. For a business trying to attract, convert and retain customers, the content you create – the information that users seek – must be relevant and have context to your target customers’ identity.

Don’t risk valuable time and money with sloppy social media activity on the wrong platforms. Invest the time to develop a strategic social media plan that works for your business.

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